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25 Jun What can we do for you?

There’s a need for a quick reality check. Read the facts and understand why.

Let’s start with 3 crucial facts:

  • People 55 and over represent about 40% of the population
  • People 55 and over have a discretionary income that – on average – is 65% higher than for the 18-34 demographic.
  • Loyalty ain’t what it used to be (or do you romanticize a past full of loyal customers?)

Read on and understand why this important to your business.

Let’s mix in a few consequences and Yconik beliefs now:

  • Addressing the 55+ demographic is an investment with a strong ROI; it should be a strategic goal you focus on.
  • Brands currently hold in place myths about adults over 55 (and yes, we do have the research to prove it)
  • Communicating with the 55+ demographic is not mainly about age, but attitude and aptitude related (or do you behave and consume stuff in the same way your granddad or grandmom did at your age?)
  • The traditional advertising industry’s obsession with instant gratification doesn’t match the lifestyle and interests of people over 55 (that’s one we’ll need to talk about when we meet).
  • It takes one to know – and authentically communicate with – one. Thus Yconik is ‘For grownups, by grownups’.

To top it off, please take a few minutes to think about the following questions for your business:

  • What percentage of your business currently resides with the 55+ demographic?
  • How would implementing a successful 55+ approach influence your competitive position in the market?
  • If you do not roll out a specific 55+ approach, what challenges do you stand for? What will not happen that you want to see happen?
  • And probably the most important one by far (!): how much do you estimate each extra percentage point in this vast and wealthy demographic is worth to your business?

To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw: “Brands don’t stop playing because they grow old; they grow old because they stop playing.

Still with us? Let’s talk about all of this and discover great opportunities for your brand(s).